Improve reading and perception

Challenges in reading development are addressed in terms of their complex auditory, visual and kinesthetic perceptual details. Reading is both an auditory and a visual decoding skill involving phonemic awareness of sounds as well as the speech motor/kinesthetic experience of pronouncing the sounds of words.

Auditory and Visual Processing Programs

Auditory- and Visual-based programs for people with difficulty regulating attention, concentration, and memory, or with other information processing, reading or learning difficulties, emotional or behavioral problems, or delays in speech and language development.

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Structure of the Intellect Multiple Intelligence’s Assessment and Training Programs

Structure of the Intellect examines underlying reading, math and other areas requiring problem solving, memory, logical and creative thinking and evaluation of information.

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FastForWord, a computer-based program, assists people to distinguish and process rapidly changing acoustic elements of speech at the rate needed for speech, language, listening and reading development.

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Integrated Speech-Language Therapy/Auditory Training

Integrated Speech-Language Therapy/Auditory Training for auditory processing (APD/CAPD) disorders to improve ability to efficiently and accurately make sense of what is heard.

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