Care for all ages.

We serve infants, preschoolers, children, teens and adults with mild to severe problems with speech, language, learning, listening/auditory processing, sound hypersensitivity, reading, thinking, attention, memory, concentration, motivation, and achievement.

with our one-stop care.

As a speech-language pathologist and audiologist, Dr. Belk can both diagnose and treat auditory processing challenges and other issues that require the credentials of clinicians in both fields.

respectful care.

Our care begins with consultation and assessment to understand our patients’ successes and challenges. We build a clear picture of key issues and carefully explore concerns and wishes.

Raise self-confidence
and self-esteem.

We help overcome challenges in speaking, understanding, reading, auditory processing, listening, and memory, and we help regulate attention, learning, and behavior.

Apply the best
science has to offer.

As clinical research provides new treatments and tools, we continually add the best to our programs.

positive changes.

We use therapeutic and educational programs for comprehensive assessment, prevention, and treatment of communication and learning problems.

Build essential
communication & learning skills.

The Center for Communication & Learning Skills assists our patients with the full range of communication skills we use throughout our lives.