Improve learning and problem solving

Our work addresses foundational underpinnings responsible for challenges our clients have with learning. We do not provide academic tutoring but rather aim to get underneath difficulties by assessing and treating sensory, perceptual and cognitive skills to improve speech, listening, thinking, reading, and writing. We provide monitored, growth-oriented practice vs. continuing to stress the very system that is weak.

Auditory and Visual Processing Programs

Auditory- and Visual-based programs for people with difficulty regulating attention, concentration, and memory, or with other information processing, reading or learning difficulties, emotional or behavioral problems, or delays in speech and language development.

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NeuroNet is a learning readiness program that helps students become independent learners.

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Interactive Metronome Program (IM)

Interactive Metronome Program (IM) provides a focused and systematic way to exercise motor planning and sequencing capacities within the brain.

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Structure of the Intellect Multiple Intelligence’s Assessment and Training Programs

Structure of the Intellect examines underlying reading, math and other areas requiring problem solving, memory, logical and creative thinking and evaluation of information.

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Bio-tuning, brain entrainment, binaural beats and other bio-acoustic methodologies use precisely tuned sound frequencies and other stress-reducing, attention-riveting biofeedback strategies.

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