Improve focus and attention

As we address concentration and attention skills in this office, we work with clients to enhance their abilities to focus and to be fully present to absorb information and to flexibly divide attention as well as selectively tune out extraneous or background “noise.” We consider attention to consist of multiple factors, including stamina, consistency, prudence, vigilance, focus and speed.

Auditory and Visual Processing Programs

Auditory- and Visual-based programs for people with difficulty regulating attention, concentration, and memory, or with other information processing, reading or learning difficulties, emotional or behavioral problems, or delays in speech and language development.

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AMPS Cognitive Training

AMPS Cognitive Training is designed to provide a workout for the brain’s cognitive functions of working memory, mental processing speed, “chunk sizing” and ability to multitask.

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Interactive Metronome Program (IM)

Interactive Metronome Program (IM) provides a focused and systematic way to exercise motor planning and sequencing capacities within the brain.

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Play Attention

Play Attention is an integrated attention training system employing brainwave monitoring, cognitive skills exercises, and behavior shaping techniques.

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Bio-tuning, brain entrainment, binaural beats and other bio-acoustic methodologies use precisely tuned sound frequencies and other stress-reducing, attention-riveting biofeedback strategies.

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Integrated Speech-Language Therapy/Auditory Training

Integrated Speech-Language Therapy/Auditory Training for auditory processing (APD/CAPD) disorders to improve ability to efficiently and accurately make sense of what is heard.

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