Improve memory

Working memory is one area of memory training on which we focus and relates to ability to hold in one’s mind details about a task in which one is engaged. Reading and understanding what one has just read is one example. Another example is holding on to critical details about a math problem one strives to solve. Ability to rely on working memory is essential in all of our lives, as is short- and long-term memory.

Auditory and Visual Processing Programs

Auditory- and Visual-based programs for people with difficulty regulating attention, concentration, and memory, or with other information processing, reading or learning difficulties, emotional or behavioral problems, or delays in speech and language development.

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AMPS Cognitive Training

AMPS Cognitive Training is designed to provide a workout for the brain’s cognitive functions of working memory, mental processing speed, “chunk sizing” and ability to multitask.

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Cogmed is a computer-based program that addresses working memory, ability to recall and use information needed to accomplish a task.

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Structure of the Intellect Multiple Intelligence’s Assessment and Training Programs

Structure of the Intellect examines underlying reading, math and other areas requiring problem solving, memory, logical and creative thinking and evaluation of information.

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