AMPS Cognitive Training

What is AMPS Cognitive Training?

AMPS is a cognitive processing skills program based on proven ideas from several fields relating to cognitive neuroscience. These brain exercises are designed to improve mental processing speed, working memory, attention, sequential processing, spatial orientation, visual and auditory memory, phonological awareness, motor planning, problem solving, and reasoning.

AMPS Cognitive Training is designed to provide a workout for the brain’s cognitive functions of working memory, mental processing speed, “chunk sizing” and ability to multitask. Drawn from many learning theories, this program is intended to educate and enhance pathways to the brain’s learning centers.

AMPS promotes automaticity in working memory by using cognitively loaded tasks and by requiring the client to discriminate and divide attention between tasks.

Who is it For?

AMPS is designed for those who want their brains to work better and faster. It is particularly helpful for those students diagnosed with reading problems, dyslexia, attention disorders, working memory deficits, visual and auditory processing disorders, and slow processing speed.

AMPS is for students struggling in school and for those who want to enhance scholastic performance. Principles underlying AMPS have been helpful for stroke and brain injury patients as well as seniors desiring more flexible cognitive functioning.